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Colorado Permitting Alert

The Clean Water Act’s reach holds considerable interest for those in development, oil and gas, and agriculture.  Many in those sectors have closely followed recent...

John A. Kolanz
Attorney at Law
2725 Rocky Mountain Avenue, Suite 320
Loveland, CO 80538

Columbine Medical Equipment in Windsor

Columbine Health Systems opened the Windsor campus in 2012.  The Campus includes: Columbine Commons Assisted Living, Columbine Commons Health & Rehab – a skilled nursing...

Clinton Dale
General Manager
Columbine Medical Equipment
1525 Main Street
Windsor CO, 80550
Office: 970-460-9205

The Adoption Of Unified Communications-as-a-Service (UCaas)

A current trend in the marketplace is rapid adoption of cloud-based phone systems.  Due to availability and reliability of bandwidth, businesses are quickly moving to...

Scott M. Warner
Vice President, Sales | Connecting Point
2401 17th Street
Greeley, CO  80634
970.356.7224   Main line
970.395.2317  Direct line
970.405.3248 - Cell
scott.warner@cpcolorado.com | www.cpcolorado.com

Business awards demonstrate trustworthiness in the marketplace

Is the piece of paper boosting a business award worth the time and investment? Or is it merely something to put on your website, social...

Pam King, President/CEO
Better Business Bureau Serving
Northern Colorado and Wyoming
8020 S. County Road 5, Ste. 100
Fort Collins, CO 80528

What Are the Rules for Paying an Employee Who is Leaving?

When an employee is terminated, the employer must give him or her their final paycheck immediately, or within six hours of the start of the...

Melissa Clary
Payroll Vault – Fort Collins
375 E Horsetooth Rd #2-101
Fort Collins, CO 80525