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Everyone is affected by cancer

Help cancer patients and their families

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Everyone is affected by cancer. But living with cancer is a life change. It could mean an inability to work and function. Even with health insurance, some patients struggle to make ends meet. That’s where UCHealth Northern Colorado Foundation’s cancer patient and family assistance fund comes in.

The assistance fund helps patients with the financial distress they can experience as they undergo the often lengthy treatments a cancer diagnosis involves.

A cancer diagnosis is a life-altering event for many in our community. Imagine your life being flipped upside down by a major illness. Now imagine the relief of knowing there is support to help with costs health insurance doesn’t cover.

The cancer patient and family assistance fund helps pay expenses such as rent, mortgage, utilities, groceries, gasoline and more. This support gives patients peace of mind, enabling them to focus on their treatments and on getting well.

Patients can breathe easier and fight harder because of support from these funds. One recent patient said the assistance kept her sane and funded so she could fight. Another patient lives in a rural community and had to drive many miles for each treatment. She said the assistance relieved some of her anxiety. She was worried about how she would afford the gasoline to get to her treatments, and the funds helped.

You can donate to the cancer patient assistance fund any time or schedule a recurring gift by visiting uchealthnocofoundation.org/give-help.

The need is urgent and ongoing. We are grateful for the additional patients we will be able to help through your generosity.

Together, we can offer northern Colorado cancer patients and their families help as they face one of the most daunting challenges life presents.

Your gift to our cancer patient assistance fund will provide basic necessities for someone fighting the battle of their life.


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