Thought Leaders: Will They Call You Back?

By Pete Gazlay - Total Facility Care — 

If you’ve tried to set up almost any service for home or work in the past year you’ve probably experienced one or both of these frustrations. The first is that the vendors you call to get a quote may not even call you back. The second one is they call you back come out and then you never hear from them again. Or more recently we received a quote for service at our home and when we said yes, the contractor said he wasn’t taking on any more projects!

At Total Facility Care if you call, email or send a message by carrier pigeon we’ll call you back. Usually on the same business day, but for sure within 24 hours. Even if we can’t do your work, we’ll let you know and if we have one give you a referral to another reputable contractor.

We’re known for the high-quality cleaning services we provide to all sorts of clients from medical, schools, manufacturing and offices, but our clients love our best kept secret that we also do light handyman maintenance projects.

It’s never good to have a best kept secret in business, but this is ours and I want you to know we’d love to do business with you even if you’re not using our cleaning services.

We can handle any of those small or larger projects you have. The reality for most contractors and maintenance companies is that they have so many larger projects to choose from that your one-off issue isn’t big enough for them to respond.

If you’re already our client, we’re glad to fix that door closer that got broken in the windstorm or replace those burnt-out light bulbs or patch and paint that hole in the wall that the door handle went through.

If you haven’t tried us yet, let us fix that handicap door opener that isn’t working or hang those white boards that have been sitting on the floor, or put those new signs up that you ordered, but aren’t installed.

You’ll find not only do we answer the phone or your email, but we also get our team out quickly to solve your problem. Don’t let those nagging maintenance issues continue to grow. Call us today and we’ll call you back and have things fixed before you know it.