Thought Leaders: The Dream Initiative Program

By Pete Gazlay - Total Facility Care — 

Total Facility Care believes that dreaming about the future is an essential part of a satisfying and fulfilling life. We believe dreams are what drive and motivate us to do what we do every day, and it’s important to remember that Team Members don’t leave their personal lives behind when they go to work.

Team Members wellbeing and emotional health impacts their work, and whether those effects show up in productivity, work quality, turnover rates, or being highly engaged – it means employers have a stake in their Team Member’s overall wellbeing. 

This is why we have created the Dream Initiative Program. By prioritizing and supporting our team member’s goals and dreams, we are also boosting morale, encouraging loyalty, and driving retention of our personnel.

TFC wants to serve our Team Members as they pursue their dreams by providing them with meaningful work and supporting them through their goals and dreams. The Dream Initiative Program is designed to assist them on their journey of realizing and achieving their dreams both at work and in their life.

The Total Facility Care Dream Manager works directly with Team Members to help uncover their dreams and create a path toward accomplishing them. The Dream Manager helps them set goals, determine next steps, connect with helpful resources, and overcome obstacles that may be in their way. All Team Members can join the Dream Initiative Program by simply sitting down with the Dream Manager in a one-on-one meeting. Some examples of dreams the Dream Manager have helped TFC Team Members fulfill include creating a budget and planning for their financial future, setting goals to become debt free, buying a house, buying a car, and going on a dream vacation. There is no dream too big or too small that we can’t help Team Members plan for.

Within the Dream Initiative program, TFC also brings in community members to host workshops for any interested Team Members to attend. These include First-Time Homebuyer’s Workshop, Financial Peace Workshop, and Mortgage Assistance Workshop, and there are many more. We hope that employment at TFC will provide our Team Members with more than just a source of income.

Statistically, those who’ve been involved in workplace wellbeing efforts for the last few decades have been advocating for this as a win-win-win scenario, since the team member, the company and community all benefit. For us it fits seamlessly with our mission to have a positive impact on our clients, Team Members and community. We hope that employment at TFC will provide our Team Members with more than just a source of income. We are equipping them to realize their life dreams. Learn more about joining the Total Facility Care team.