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Thought Leaders: Stop Doing $15 An Hour Work

As leaders one of the highest value things we can do is to delegate tasks to others and elevate the work we’re doing to the critical jobs only we can do in our leadership position.  A trap many leaders fall into is doing $15.00 an hour work that someone else could easily do and would most likely do better!

Building maintenance is often something that a person in your organization wears an additional hat in addition to their primary job. You may have your highly paid HR manager ordering restroom supplies. You may have your highly paid IT person doing physical repairs. Even in larger buildings with a full-time facility manager you may have them doing lower paid work that could be delegated to your vendor.

Total Facility Care solves this $15.00 per hour dilemma. Our highly trained professional technicians will perform the work better and more efficiently than a person tasked with duties that are “not their job”. You must decide what the opportunity cost is for your highly paid person to be doing, let alone managing and thinking about these other tasks.

  • Regular cleaning
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Floor refinishing
  • Painting
  • Door repair
  • Hanging – pictures, bulleting boards, white boards, signs
  • Patch a wall
  • Assemble furniture, racks, shelving
  • Flush valves
  • Light switches and bulbs
  • Supply inventory and ordering

Sometimes the trap is saving pennies but spending dollars to do so. We have the best pricing on supply products and an efficient ordering system. Maybe you’ve found a slightly lower price after searching several websites. You saved 76 cents on the case, but spent 20 minutes doing so. Those savings vanished because you had to spend time and energy thinking about it, time ordering it and when it arrives time putting it away and eventually paying the bill.

We take all of that away and all you have to do is pay the bill. And you’re probably already doing that because its one of many services we can perform for you. Call us today and we’ll help you solve the $15 problem with our total confidence no worry service.


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