Thought Leaders: Spring Cleaning Protects Your Assets

By Pete Gazlay - Total Facility Care — 

Winter is tough on your floors and carpet. Between the ice melt, mag chloride, sand and other grit that gets brought into the building in the winter months the carpet and floors take a beating. Carpet and floors are a capital asset. Taking proper care of them extends their life and prolongs your investment.

Your carpet and floors are often the first impression of the building. Now more than ever having that bright clean look is important. It tells your team and customers that the building is well cared for and safe to be in.


It’s the end of the season, but if you don’t have them, a good matting program can stop up to 86% of the dirt and grime from entering the building. We can show you the most cost-effective way to do this that doesn’t involve monthly rental of mats unless that is what your building needs.

Deep Cleaning:

Annual deep cleaning of carpet typically includes steam cleaning. Heavily trafficked areas, especially when mag chloride is used in the parking lot may take more than one time. This method is recommended by the Carpet and Rug Institute, but we also have low-moisture processes that uses less water and has a faster dry time while encapsulating the dirt so it can be removed. Either way your carpets will look fresh and be clean.

Floor Care:

Floor surfaces like VCT (Vinyl Composite Tile), terrazzo, and some resilient flooring have finish applied to them. This is a “wearable” surface that is intended to protect the product. When redone it is typically glossy. Over the winter the grit wears this surface off and it can become embedded in the surface. We can tell you what level of refinishing this will need based on the condition of the floor. Without protection on it the underlying product can be permanently damaged.

Ceramic Tile:

Any grout and tile configuration such as ceramic, porcelain or slate will need a deep clean in the springtime to remove the dirt and grit that builds up on the floor. A quick check to know if it is dirty is to look up the wall a few inches and see what color the grout is. If it’s not the same, it needs deep cleaning. We use a turbo steam cleaning method that gives the best results and leaves the tile looking like new and returns the grout to the original color.

If you don’t have a floor company that services, your floors and carpet please give us a call or if your service provider doesn’t understand these issues, we’d be glad to help. Happy Spring Cleaning!