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Thought Leaders: Medical Cleaning

TFC gives you total confidence that your medical practice is being cleaned and disinfected properly. Medical cleaning or environmental services has always been a critical first line of defense in infection control. Those is in the medical community have known this and with the Coronavirus pandemic, we all understand it better. The main differences from regular janitorial and medical environmental services are in the chemistry and processes.


In the typical medical practice TFC uses a broad-spectrum medical grade disinfectant. Fortunately, these disinfectants were quickly certified by the EPA last year as effective against the SARS COV-2 virus responsible for COVID-19. This is not surprising since this is an envelope virus and is easy to kill.

Hospital Acquired Infections (HAI’s) are a reality of modern medicine where the viruses continually mutate to fight the antibiotics, we use to heal people. There are certain highly infectious viruses that are common such as MRSA and cDiff.

In the past decade MRSA has become a community infection disease and we’ve seen outbreaks not only in hospitals, but more often now in gyms, locker rooms, community centers and schools. Anywhere people are sweating, showering and doing personal grooming are potential sites. MRSA is fragile and easy to kill, but when an outbreak occurs some specialty disinfectants are needed to remove the risk.

cDiff is unlike CVOD-19 or MRSA in that it has a hard-shell exterior protecting the virus. This shell has spiky protrusions that attach to shoes, clothes and can inadvertently be transported to other areas of the hospital or medical clinic and even outside from there. This spore requires a chemical to first break it and then kill it. We typically use a medical grade bleach. This product is buffered so it is not corrosive to other surfaces. Bleach can be dangerous to handle and hard on people and objects.

In sterile environments, like operating rooms or minor procedure suites we’ll use additional medical grade chemicals to “sterilize” the environment.


With the pandemic we’re all somewhat use to these now, but prior to this we emphasized hand washing, wearing gloves, and surgical masks in sterile environments. We also use a flat mop system and color-coded towel system to prevent cross contamination from room to room within a clinical setting. This assures that any virus or bacteria that wasn’t killed in the cleaning and disinfection process doesn’t migrate out of one area into another. These processes also help with reducing HAI’s.

Our technicians assigned to medical practices and surgical rooms undergo additional training that is directed to infection control and extreme disinfection. If you’d like to have total confidence in the service at your clinic or surgery center, please contact us and we’ll be glad to create a proposal that perfectly meets your needs.


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