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Clean and Healthy: Keeping employees and customers safe as they return to work

Cleaning is becoming a critical part of every company’s brand value. Every employee and client, customer or patient wants to know your building not only looks clean but is clean. As employers none of us want our employees or clients to get sick from a visit to our building.

Cleaning has never been more important. Professional cleaning is critical. What is the difference? Post-pandemic can you assure your team and clients that professional processes, trained technicians, and equipment were used? If not, you may want to find out if your cleaning company does the following:

  • Cleaning protocols and training that improve your indoor air quality and ensure your building is cleaned and not contaminated.
  • Do you have consistent frequencies for regular and periodic cleaning tasks?
  • Do they certify or test their employees?
  • Are the chemicals they use EPA approved for a variety of pathogens including COVID-19?
  • Are they using microfiber cleaning towels and mops for dry and wet work?
  • Are they using HEPA filtration vacuums?
  • Are they mopping with two chamber buckets?
  • Are their team members wearing personal protective equipment?

Your vendors ability to answer these basic questions will go a long way to providing peace of mind for you and your team. But what happens if you have a customer or employee that has COVID or COVID like symptoms?

Total Facility Care uses a six-step process for decontamination after COVID or other highly infectious disease exposures in our client’s buildings. Our process is approved by the Global Bio-Risk Advisory Council.

  1. Pre-assessment
  2. Pre-Disinfect
  3. Load Reduction
  4. Forensic Clean
  5. Professional Disinfection
  6. Post Assessment

Since the pandemic outbreak we have done a number of these decontaminations in every place from clinics, to banks to landscaping trucks. We can clean just about anything so you can return the space back to normal service.

Now if your team has been working from home or most of your team has you will not need this level of cleaning. It would be wise to have your cleaning company conduct a detailed deep clean. This provides visual cues to anyone entering the building that it is clean and safe to be there.

Lastly you will want to think about where you can make your facility touch free.There are many touchless fixtures for restrooms, occupant sensors that turn lights on and off automatically, and touch free door openers you can operate with your foot.

You will want to think about disinfecting and sanitizing in between your professional cleaning. Most companies will not have someone onsite all day to clean in between meetings and after visitors.

Our team has been honored to serve on the frontlines during the pandemic. We are glad to share what we have learned with you so you can safely return to work. There are many more helpful tips at our website https://www.totalfacilitycare.com/covid-19/


Pete Gazlay, President

Total Facility Care

453 Denver Avenue

Loveland 80537



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