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“Plan B” System: Businesses rediscovering a reliable low-tech backup system

You’re maxing your tech “muscle.”

You’ve increased speed, storage capacity, apps, cell services, etc. And along with all this new power you’ve created even greater mountains of data. And you protect it with …? EVEN MORE TECHNOLOGY, OF COURSE. Firewalls, back up storage and servers. But, is that even enough?


 This group was also confident it had all of its back up systems in place. You’d expect a network like United Health Services and its 250 member hospitals to certainly be secure. Right?

Imagine their surprise when their system got hacked (a suspected ransomware attack). But it wasn’t just the potential data loss THEIR ENTIRE NETWORK GOT SHUT DOWN. Fortunately, their low-tech “back-up” system was still in use – Paper!

Fortunately for the 90,000 patients in those hospitals, the hard copy records and charts were readily retrievable. Lucky for them, United Health had a “plan B”…. good old fashioned organized, filed, and retrievable hard copy backups.


Smart businesses from Ft. Collins to Colorado Spring continue to rely on this local “Plan B” hard copy back up system. Working with SMART Document Management, they’re able to readily access and store their most critical, confidential documents in a secure, fire-safe, temperature-controlled location. It’s like having a lockbox for a company’s valuables – AND having 24/7 delivery services available, either in person or online when you need to retrieve them.


Smart Document Management would like to offer a free evaluation and estimate of your document storage needs, with a $100 discount for all new customers who add our service between now and June 1. We are confident our prices and service are competitive with the nationally recognized services. We just ask for the opportunity to work with YOU!


Here’s what a local law firm says about SMART Document Management:

Wick & Trautwein law firm has been with Smart Document Management since 2013.  This has been a great way to store our client files offsite.  Smart Document Management team is friendly, helpful and has a website that is very user friendly.  We have been very happy with the service they have been providing us and they accommodate our needs in a very timely manner.  Their staff and delivery drivers are super friendly and wonderful to work with.  Since I work mainly with them for our office, I would highly recommend them for all your storage and shredding needs.” – Stephanie McCormick

Even though companies are constantly adding new technologies into practice, those same companies can feel a whole lot better knowing they have a “Plan B”; simple, hard copy files securely stored and managed by SMART Document Management.

SMART Document Management, in Fort Collins, has been providing document pickup, storage, delivery/retrieval and paper recycling services for customers for the past 20 years. Customers include: banking entities, attorney practices; tax, accounting, and human resources offices; numerous dental, vision and chiropractic health providers; auto dealerships, as well as local mental health services; just to name a few.

SMART Document Management is proud to be a Ft. Collins locally owned business with Suzanne Fries at the helm. “It’s encouraging,” said Suzanne, ”to know we provide a unique service that is still needed, utilized and even required in certain industries, even in the middle of all of the changes and challenges we’ve seen.”


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