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Get Smart. Fix your remote office file “leaks”!

So, what companies used to be able to control from a central office, is now scattered to many, even dozens, of new remote office locations. Now the confidential file that should be destroyed or securely stored may be laying on a bedroom office floor or in an individual’s trash – a certain treasure for an identity thief. And guess who’s responsible? The company, of course.

Your trusted remote employee’s trash bin has just become a gold mine for dumpster divers, knowing that personal information like birth dates and social security numbers can turn into real dollars — all at your customer’s expense.

And don’t think that nobody actually goes through trash to find this information. Consider the facts. Electronic hacking often leaves an online trail, but not so for the dumpster diver. Even organized crime has now recognized the value of this low-tech approach to identity theft.

So, in addition to your electronic security solutions for remote offices, you need to be smart about the most obvious low-tech REAL security threat for confidential files at those locations. Privacy breaches generally aren’t due to dishonest employees, but rather the result of carelessness or a company policy and training about confidential document handling.

“ Employees who work from home represent a new security threat just due to the nature of a remote office,” says Suzanne Fries, Owner of SMART Document Management in Ft. Collins. “And ironically most companies put in place technology security policies, including encryption and firewalls, but overlook the need for very specific document destruction policy.”

Three easy steps you can take to protect your clients’ files AND secure your remote office’s:

  1. Join SMART Document Management’s new SMART FROM HOME: HOME OFFICE MADE EZ service. Businesses can purchase our Remote Office Disposal Bags which provides a safe, secure, disposable container and includes our home office pickup services. Simply order the number of Remote Office Disposal Bags needed for your home offices and Smart Document Management will coordinate the delivery of empty bags and, picking up of full bags, starting at just $11 per bag, per month.  Join our “HOME” program in April and receive two free months of service.*(*ask for details) Call 970-631-8178 or email info@weshredsmart.com for details.
  2. Train your remote office staff members about the importance of Document Protection and Destruction policies, and utilize your local document disposal company, Smart Document Management, to provide tracking information about remote office pick up and disposal of confidential files.
  3. Also, be aware that home shredding of documents may be a violation of local laws and policies. Many local landfills currently prohibit dumping shredded paper. The best solution for this additional challenge is to use Smart Document Management, who not only shreds documents, but recycles the shredded paper.

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