Thought Leaders: Finally a freestanding hospice inpatient care center for Northern Colorado

By Nate Lamkin - Pathways — 

Hospice is not a place. Rather, it is a service, a holistic approach to providing physical, emotional and spiritual care and support to wherever a person is, be it their home, a skilled nursing facility or elsewhere. But there are times when a patient needs more support than family or other caregivers can give at home.

An inpatient care center meets this need, offering a comfortable, home-like atmosphere with medical support to manage pain and other symptoms. Throughout our history, Pathways has fulfilled our mission by continually assessing the community’s need for our services and then rising to meet those needs. The need for dedicated inpatient hospice beds stands as mission-critical and our highest priority, and after two years of planning and preparation we are finally set to break ground later this month on a facility that is long overdue in northern Colorado.

Imagine. A place. It feels like home. It’s comfortable, warm and inviting, filled with love and support. This is no ordinary home, however. In this home, hospital-level care is available, to relieve intense pain, or to manage other symptoms. And to provide compassionate, supportive care. In this place, family and close friends can gather to visit, offer comfort, and even spend the night.

Imagine no more. This will soon become a reality as Pathways builds a 12-bed, stand-alone Inpatient Care Center to provide the highest level of care in a tranquil, beautiful space intentionally built for this purpose. The Center will feel like an intimate Colorado mountain lodge where outdoors and indoors come together seamlessly with natural light, stone facades, lush Rocky Mountain landscaping, and work by local artists that reflect the beauty and diversity of the communities we serve. The care center will be conveniently and centrally located to the east of our offices near the Fort Collins/Loveland border.

Each of the 12 rooms will be large enough to accommodate groups of visitors and one or two family members who can choose to stay overnight. Even bedbound patients will be able to enjoy the outdoors from the comfort of their bed. Two of these rooms will be equipped with negative pressure ventilation, allowing us to safely care for patients with COVID-19 and other highly infectious illnesses.

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