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Meet a Business Banking Relationship Manager


The local business banking team at Elevations provides a consultative approach to help you realize long-term success for your business. Get to know one of our newest team members, Naomi Perez, in this Q&A.


How long have you been at Elevations?

I joined Elevations in January 2019. Currently, I work out of Longmont and serve business members from Longmont to Greeley.


Why did you get into business banking?

I started as a teller in college, and I enjoyed the relationship building component of my job. I had never really worked at a job like that coming from a retail background. I would say that I truly found my place when I started working with business owners and eventually moved into business banking full time. I really enjoy my conversations with business owners about their goals and how, as a financial institution, we can play a huge role in helping them achieve those goals.


What did you do before joining Elevations?

I’ve been in business banking pretty much my whole banking career, which has now been going on about ten years.


What made you want to transition to Elevations?

I feel that Elevations is a better fit for the way I do business; it’s people-oriented. Our members’ interest comes first, not the “bottom line.” I enjoy being out in my community, representing a brand that supports my community.


How would you define your role?

I think my role is a nice blend of being a consultant and an educator. I’m an educator because I have to educate people on business finance and banking. I’m a consultant because when I meet with business owners, it’s more of a consultation I’m having with them. I take the time to get to know these business owners as people: What are the things that keep them up at night, and how can I help alleviate that? I help them see things from a different perspective and also help them understand that there are solutions out there for their business needs. I am there as a guide to help them make the right decision.


What do you think sets Elevations apart from other financial institutions?

We don’t just say we are community-focused, we prove it by taking radical action. You can see it in our sponsorships, financial education seminars, volunteer work and in the service-oriented culture of our institution. I think this is what sets us apart.


Why do you like business banking?

For me working with business owners is the best. Business owners are very brave and courageous people because they have an idea, and they turn it into real life without a lot of attachment to the outcome. Many people who work 9-5s do it for security. Business owners, on the other hand, take huge leaps of faith to earn income in different ways. I love the entrepreneurial spirit.


Now that you know more about Naomi Perez, get in contact with her at 303.443.4672 x 1406 or email.


Elevations Credit Union is a member-owned not-for-profit financial institution serving Colorado’s Front Range. We believe it’s good business to help good businesses grow. With a consultative approach to solving your business banking needs, Elevations local business bankers can help you improve your cash flow, reduce your borrowing needs or decide whether a term loan or line-of-credit is best, including quick-turn credit decisions. Click here to learn more about Elevations business banking or schedule an appointment.


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