Thought Leaders: 7 Reasons to Outsource Your IT Function

By Andy Warner - Connecting Point — 

Recent IT Outsourcing Statistics from 2018/2019 found that organizations were committing to outsourcing IT at the highest rates since the Great Recession. The COVID-19 pandemic only accelerated the rate of outsourced IT adoption. What are the benefits of moving some or all aspects of your IT function to a managed IT services provider (MSP)?

1. Reduce Costs – Cutting and controlling costs is one of the most common reasons businesses choose to outsource. Utilizing an outside technology partner can help you cut capital expenses. More importantly, outsourcing will often reduce labor costs since you don’t employ, hire or train the IT employees.

2. Reduce Risk – Markets, technology, compliance, and regulatory requirements change rapidly, and there’s increasing risk involved in managing the IT function internally. A trusted IT services partner can assume and manage much of the risk associated with today’s technology environment. An outsourced expert will have the knowledge to make informed decisions, provide your business with proper technologies, and ensure that risk is mitigated, and IT initiatives are properly prioritized.

3. Scalability & Flexibility – Instead of wasting time and money on experimenting with in-house resources, you can leverage an efficient service. Outsourcing might make sense when you’re considering expansion and IT can’t keep pace with growth. Alternatively, outsourcing this function can make sense if you’re trying to figure out how to consolidate your organization without sacrificing IT expertise, great tools for network management and security, functionality, and depth of support.

4. Access to the Latest Technology – Software and hardware are rapidly becoming commoditized while cybersecurity threats and the need for a layered defense to those threats on the network are becoming more critical. Outsourcing gives you the benefit of leveraging the technology, security services, and tools of the MSP that you would otherwise spend thousands of dollars to acquire and time/risk to implement. 

5. Access to Talent – The value received in exchange for dollars invested in IT is often higher when you outsource to an MSP. Instead of depending on the knowledge of individual employees, you benefit from the collective experience of a team of professionals and the MSPs process and best practices. Leading IT service providers require their staff to have proper industry training end certifications and are constantly building and enhancing their processes.

6. Efficiency and Focus – Businesses should consider outsourcing what is not a core competency of the company. Organizations can enhance their IT service by outsourcing to an MSP. This allows them to put more focus on their business and keep their best people working on high impact initiatives. 

7. Increased Employee Morale – Handled properly, outsourced IT can increase employee morale. Offloading IT work lets employees focus on the jobs they were hired to do, while more reliable systems enable them to get more done.

Connecting Point specializes in assessing the potential benefits of outsourcing the IT function. Please contact us to discuss the specific benefits for your business.