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Thought Leaders: Your Loved Ones are Safe at Columbine Health Systems

I hear people saying, I hope we return soon to the “new normal”, or “when we return to the new normal”.  There are others who say, everything will NEVER be the same.  Which is it?

For sure, we won’t go back to January 2020.  Doesn’t that seem like so – last century?  Having walked the COVID-19 journey on a 24/7 basis, I would like to share what I hope stays with us.  Early on, I vowed to ensure this virus – counted.

Our infection control practices, at all levels of care, independent, assisted, and skilled nursing care is the best it has ever been.  Telehealth is here to stay!  What seemed a daunting transition – took place practically overnight!  Our purchase of iPads and tablets for Telehealth also helped with the outreach of families to their loved ones.

For some of our families, technology has been THE way to communicate with their loved ones.  We have heard from some long-distance family member’s; they are not going to call again.  Seeing each other on the iPad has enhanced their visits tremendously.

For at least three years, we have talked about having our admission paperwork in an electronic format.  Well, with COVID-19, we transitioned to an electronic system in less than three weeks!  We aren’t looking back.

Governor Polis, in his briefing on June 18th, stated, “I am glad to report that the Columbine Health Systems, which has the first long term care facility to experience the outbreak, the VERY FIRST.  Now has zero positive tests and zero residents with symptoms.  Congratulations Columbine Health….Systems….  They have avoided unnecessary loss of life.”

Our #ColumbineHealthSystems STRONG anthem unified us as never before.

COVID-19 is not going away soon.  Columbine Health Systems is safe and more than ready to care for your loved ones.  Don’t wait, call now!


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