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Thought Leaders: Vaccines at Columbine Health Systems

Columbine Health Systems has been the very lucky recipient of the first doses of vaccine through the federal Long Term Care program.  Walgreens has been our vaccine provider.  We could not have asked for a better partner!  Their staff are kind, caring, competent, efficient and dedicated to ensuring our residents and staff receive both of their vaccines.

While the Long Term Care partnership program is absolutely amazing, our independent living residents and patio home tenants were not included.  We felt a great sense of responsibility to vaccinate these residents as well.

A quick call from UCHealth asking if we have vaccine needs and could they partner with us to pilot a community vaccine clinic?  You bet!  Participation was 98%.  Please read below a poem from our resident at The Worthington, Irene B. Edgett.

Vaccine Delivery Day

Not knowing how my body would react to the COVID-19 Vaccine shot,
to prepare for it I better be clean,
was my thought.
So, showered and coiffed at the immunization center I arrived at the
first station.
Being told to wait, I adjusted the shield I was given, looked around the room
and felt an aura of anticipation.

All was orderly at stations one, two, three and four.
Medical staff and volunteers knew what they were doing.
I could not ask for anything better or more!

Questions were asked.  Answers were given.

Then came the shot administered by a gentle EMT
and I was told, “in three week there will be a repeat”.
After enjoying some orange juice during a short observation wait
I was told I was free to depart.

To all who develop, manufactured and distributed this vaccine
And to those organizing the clinics and giving the shots,
I humbly say “THANK YOU” from the bottom of my heart!


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