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Thought Leaders: The Essence Of Life At The Worthington

Written in 2018. We look forward to these days returning.

The building in which I live is one of the most interesting in town.

Not because of its architecture but because its philosophy is sound.

Its residents want to stay active. They feel they are young at heart no matter their actual years and developing a program to keep their days/lives interesting does not give the staff any fears.

They offer exercise groups for healthy bodies and special games for the mind.

Nature and science videos, movies, crafting  and you will find

It is possible to go shopping, to a museum or a picnic in the park; Walk through a bronze foundry or see Christmas lights after dark.

Feed fish at a hatchery. Drive to Loveland to hear a Barbershop choir and quartet.

Attend a dinner theater program or go for a ride and eat ice cream at sunset,

A free show at the Lincoln Center or symphony dress rehearsal in the Fall.

Gambling in Blackhawk, a trip to hear the Elk mating call.

Although many things are offered to go-see and do. Interesting things keep happening inside of the building, too.

Special speakers on different topics. Holidays to celebrate with good food and all kinds of music and entertainment to anticipate.

A Wine Social each month to look forward to and the Birthday Bash is always a nice big “to do’”.

You can do as much as you choose or as little as you want.

Transportation is provided, to see doctors as well as for the fun jaunt.

With a walking group, a book club, and current events to ponder,

Life can be complete in this building, no need to further wander!

To me, the Worthington is more than a structure made of mortar, sticks and stone. It exudes the essence of living!

I am comfortable and content.

It is my home!


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