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Don’t let COVID keep you from screenings

Sarah Cruz, patient access services representative for Banner Health, takes safety precautions including masking and greeting visitors from behind a plexiglass divider to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Banner Health is relentlessly keeping health care consumers safe with thorough cleaning processes, masking requirements and social distancing at all of our locations.


In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, many people are asking whether it’s safe to visit a breast center for an annual screening mammogram. Rest assured Banner Health is making every effort to keep visitors and team members safe.

We have vigorous new care systems in place to ensure that our locations are ready for your arrival and treatment. All visitors and team members always are masked. Our lobbies and high-touch surfaces are cleaned and disinfected frequently. We have reconfigured our lobbies and waiting areas so patients can appropriately distance themselves from others.

Upon arrival at one of our imaging locations, the visitors are asked about the reason for their visit. A team member takes the visitor’s temperature to ensure they do not have a fever. The team member asks the visitor a list of questions about symptoms they may have. If everything is safe, the visitor is given directions to their appointment.

Plastic dividers are placed at the reception desks to provide separation between the team members and the visitor as they check in for their appointment. The waiting rooms offer less seating with a number of chairs taped off to ensure visitors are appropriately distanced. When a visitor leaves the waiting area, the chairs are wiped down.

The dressing rooms have cloth curtains that are sprayed after each use. After changing into a gown, the visitor can wait in the private dressing room or sit in a different waiting area that also has been reconfigured to ensure social distancing. Visitors store their personal items in a private locker that is wiped down after every use.

After the visitor has a screening mammogram, they are escorted back to the dressing room. The team member wipes down all areas of the mammography equipment prior to the next appointment.

To ensure that all areas of the breast center are cleaned thoroughly, a dedicated environmental services employee canvases the entire area throughout the day.

Mary Scheid, RN, senior manager, said the team members are more than willing to make the extra effort and take time to thoroughly clean after each visit.

“We want visitors to better understand the steps we take to make sure we have a clean center,” Scheid said. “Our patients can feel safe coming to us. It’s important that they do come for their annual screening mammogram and not put it off because of fears of COVID.”


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