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A different perspective on the current crisis – summer family ideas

First all, we hope this article finds you and your family safe and healthy. With the information overload regarding COVID-19, we decided to take a different approach on this article to write about a subject that may allow you to get your mind off the crisis.

For those of you with kids, most area schools have ended for the summer or will be in the coming weeks. As I write this article, my kids’ started summer break last week and I have already heard the words “I’m bored!” In the current environment, it will be even more difficult to keep families busy this summer. With that in mind, here are some ideas to consider.

  1. Learn and/or teach your kids a new life skill such as cooking, laundry, house or yard maintenance. I taught my 10-year-old how son how to clean out the filters on our outdoor sprinkler system and he thought it was the coolest.
  2. Go sightseeing around the world – explore museums, art, theater, and culture virtually at home. While we won’t be able to take a family vacation to Hawaii this summer, we can still visit Oahu virtually.
  3. Enjoy a favorite or new outdoor activity – our family is excited to get the boat on the water.
  4. Try a new sport – golf, basketball, tennis, pickleball, etc. I am not sure I need another sport in my life but it is something to consider.
  5. Attend online concerts – while we can’t attend live concerts this summer, we can still enjoy our favorite music and artists.
  6. Incorporate family game and/or movie night into your schedule. Don’t forget about some of your old favorites that your kids might also enjoy.
  7. Listen to podcasts – maybe about something other than COVID-19.
  8. Do indoor or outdoor scavenger hunts – you might be surprised what is in your neighborhood (or closets).
  9. Deep household cleaning, including getting rid of items that you haven’t used in years.
  10. Address important items like financial plans and estate planning. This is definitely not as exciting as the above items but very important.

Hopefully this article gave you a few chuckles and a few ideas. ACM is here to assist with your tax/accounting needs and questions regarding the Payroll Protection Program (PPP) or other credits related to COVID-19. You can visit our resource center at www.acmllp.com, or reach out to me at rsanger@acmllp.com or 970-415-8144


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