Fort Collins startup Food Corridor launches software platform

FORT COLLINS — The Food Corridor LLC, a startup based in Fort Collins, said Wednesday it has launched its first product, software that allows food entrepreneurs to find commercial kitchen space via an online marketplace.

The software connects food entrepreneurs with available and unused commercial kitchen spaces in an effort to regionalize food systems through reducing redundancy and increasing efficiencies. Its online platform provides scheduling, booking, client management and financial transaction processing.

Startup and growing food businesses such as food trucks, caterers and food manufacturers can benefit from the product. By law, food businesses are required to use licensed kitchen facilities, something not always available and affordable to them.

The Food Corridor business concept, founded by Ashley Colpaart, Dan Moore, and Ben Nelson in 2015, recently completed a pilot program connecting food businesses with 12 licensed kitchens and 50 food businesses in Northern Colorado.

“The Food Corridor began as a way to support local food economies with low cost access to kitchens in their community,” Colpaart said in a prepared statement. “Simultaneously, it allows for the monetization of underutilized kitchen space. It is an online platform designed to allow kitchen administrators to get out of the office and back into the kitchen. Sharing kitchens is similar to the shared-office space movement.”

In April, The Food Corridor won a $25,000 prize in the University of Northern Colorado Monfort College of Business Entrepreneurial Challenge.