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BOULDER — PanTheryx Inc. CEO Mark Braman is retiring from the nutrition company’s top post after just over eight years at the helm.

PanTheryx CEO Mark Braman. Courtesy PanTheryx

The company announced Wes Parris as its new president and CEO effective immediately. Parris was most recently CEO for almost 10 years of i-Health Inc., a vitamin and probiotics company based in Cromwell, Connecticut. He previously held various sales and marketing roles at Procter & Gamble, Playtex and Energizer.

PanTheryx’s main products are derived from colostrum, the first milk a mother cow produces after giving birth. Colostrum is thought to have properties to fight C. difficile infections and other gastrointestinal tract problems.

Spokeswoman Pam Cebulski said the company is currently reviewing results on clinical studies for two biologics products and reviewing pre-clinical data for some of its medical foods products, with plans to release those results within the first half of 2020.

The company previously raised $50 million last June and about $170 million since its founding in 2007. Braman joined the company in November 2011.