The Performance Excellence Incubator is based on 20 years of data
collected from organizations that have achieved long-term sustainable
transformation. The program is geared for CEOs, presidents, general
managers and other C-level executives of business, health care,
education and nonprofit organizations.

The program will be led by
experts from the Monfort Institute at the University of Northern
Colorado in Greeley and Colorado Performance Excellence in Denver.
Coursework will be based on the same performance and competitive
principles that have led to greater company profits, lowered expenses,
improved customer service and higher employee morale at Baldrige Award
companies nationwide.

in the 12-month program is $1,000 per month. Only 12 executives will be
accepted into the program, which includes six workshops and ongoing
virtual support for the duration of the program.

For more
information or to secure enrollment, contact Colorado Performance
Excellence at 303-893-2739 or visit