Boulder-based Heal Bright launches website for mental-wellness courses

BOULDER — A group of mental-health professionals has launched a website that offers online mental-wellness courses on a variety of topics that are led by psychologists, psychotherapists and therapists.

Boulder-based Heal Bright LLC was founded in 2015 by Bill Belanger, a therapist who serves as president and chief executive, along with clinical director Jamarie Geller and creative director Richard Fleming. The group began producing courses in December, and the site was launched last week.

“People can go through the courses at their own pace,” Belanger said. “We are looking to change the way people view mental wellness while giving people the option to use their online courses to better themselves.”

Belanger, who is devoting all his time to running the new company, said the concept for the website is to give people other options for therapy through the self-guided online courses that are less expensive than the cost of typical therapy sessions. Each course costs $99 for unlimited use.

Courses include a video presentation by a psychologist or therapist in the Boulder-Denver area, tools from clinical psychology, meditations and therapeutic exercises, and interactive forums. Course topics currently offered focus on relationship improvement, parenting, sexuality, grief and loss, reducing anxiety and increasing happiness.