Technology  February 3, 2023

Somalogic to offer its proteomics technology in Middle East

BOULDER — SomaLogic Inc. (Nasdaq: SLGC), a Boulder-based biotechnology company that specializes in proteomics, has launched an initiative with Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates-headquarter Group 42 Healthcare that allows SomaLogic’s technology to be used by health care providers in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

The Boulder firm, which develops platforms to read thousands of proteins in a patient’s blood or urine sample that may signal illnesses or future health conditions and suggest potential treatments via machine learning, will collaborate with G42 “on business development, strategy and applications” for SomaLogic technology, according to a news release. 

“We are excited to partner with G42 to bring world-class life sciences and health care innovation to the Middle East and North Africa,” SomaLogic EO Roy Smythe said in the release. “This is a dynamic and diverse region. SomaLogic has proven the power of proteomics to deliver actionable biological insights in diverse populations around the globe. G42 has established itself as the premier regional provider of molecular measurements and AI for precision medicine. This collaboration has the potential to lead the world in delivering population health research and real-world population health care delivery on the SomaScan proteomics platform.”

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