Hospitality & Tourism  January 24, 2023

Greeley to consider permitting cigar bars

GREELEY — The Greeley City Council will consider tonight whether to permit cigar bars in the community.

The council received a request from Brad Inhulsen, a Greeley Realtor, for consideration of ordinance changes that would permit establishments where cigars could be smoked. 

Greeley statutes prohibit smoking in all public and private establishments that are open to the public. 

To create an exception, the council would have to amend its ordinances to permit cigar bars and would need to determine in which zones such bars could be located.

City staff in its presentation materials said that many communities require restrictions on cigar bars that could include that revenue be mostly derived from sale of tobacco — to avoid having it as an incidental use in an otherwise smoke-free establishment that would compete against other restaurants or bars.

Staff said that if the council wants to proceed, it prefers creation of cigar clubs, which would require membership in order to enter. Day passes would not be permitted.

Tonight’s meeting is a work session, and no final decision is expected.

BizWest Staff

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