Nonprofits  January 12, 2023

Grrrls Scrap Back to raise funds for Club Q shooting victims

FORT COLLINS — Grrrls Scrap Back, a program for femme, nonbinary and transgender creatives, is hosting an artist showcase Jan. 14 at the Coast in Fort Collins, with proceeds going toward victims of the Club Q shooting.

The event will feature several musical performances, including Veronica May & the Magnetics, Robert Shredfod, and Señorita Sometimes. Attendees will also be able to explore a gallery of art created by femme, transgender, nonbinary and queer artists.

Grrrls Scrap Back is a program of local nonprofit Blast N Scrap, which offers assistance to musicians and artists in Fort Collins and Northern Colorado.

The artist showcase will provide a platform for marginalized artists, while raising funds for the victims of the Club Q tragedy.

“It’s important that this is a safe space for femme, trans, and genderqueer creatives,” Eliza Miller, Grrrls Scrap Back organization, said in a prepared statement. “We want to do all that we can to support and uplift the LGBTQ+ community.”

The showcase will take place at 6 p.m. on Jan. 14 at The Coast, 254 Linden St. in Fort Collins. Attendees are encouraged to donate $15, with proceeds going toward Club Q victims and survivors. A portion of proceeds from merchandise sales will also be directed to the fund.

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