Cannabis  November 9, 2022

Election 2022: Nunn passes on grass, other Weld County towns grapple with marijuana taxes

WELD COUNTY — Fewer than 100 Nunn voters could keep marijuana businesses out of the tiny Colorado municipality. 

Unofficial election results showed that a measure that would have allowed for the repeal of Nunn’s cannabis-sales ban was trailing Wednesday morning by a count of 59 in favor to 89 opposed. 

Pot sales in Nunn were anticipated to have raised several hundred thousand dollars a year for general government operations, public safety, transportation and parks.

Meanwhile, voters in a pair of slightly larger Weld County towns where cannabis businesses are allowed to operate were leaning toward increasing taxes on pot sales.

In Fort Lupton, 905 voters favored adding a new 1.5% tax with the potential for later voter-approved adjustments, so long as the new rate doesn’t exceed 4%. A total of 872 voters opposed the measure.

Money raised by the new tax would pay for general government expenses as determined by elected Fort Lupton leaders. 

A similar measure was failing by an even slimmer margin in Ault. 

As of Wednesday afternoon, 293 voters approved of establishing a 3.5% tax on marijuana — allowing for later adjustments so long as total tax does not exceed 15% — and 296 opposed the measure.

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