COVID-19  June 24, 2022

Boulder to extend outdoor dining program in pilot program

BOULDER — The Boulder City Council has approved a five-year pilot program that provides restaurants and similar establishments with outdoor dining expansions, similar to what were used during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The program will be in effect year-around. It permits restaurants, brewpubs, taverns, distilleries and wineries to offer more space to customers in “more consistent, pre-approved infrastructure for the expansion areas, beginning Sept. 1 this year, the city said in a press statement.The pilot program will offer businesses options of consistent infrastructure for seating areas. Financial assistance will come from the American Rescue Plan Act funds, according to the council decision. Applications to take part in the program will be available on the city website on Monday, June. 27. Businesses that choose not to be involved in the program will be required to remove temporary seating areas by Aug. 31.

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