Nonprofits  June 7, 2022

Weld Trust issues $1.3M in workforce, behavioral-health grants

GREELEY — The Weld Trust has awarded nearly $1.3 million in grants to support workforce-development and behavioral-health programs in Weld County. 

According to a press statement from the trust, the mission of the Weld Trust is to promote excellence in health and education in Weld County. To that end, the trust awarded 20 grants to nonprofits and schools throughout the county.

Workforce development

The workforce-development grants were awarded to 10 Weld County school districts and nonprofits totaling more than $510,000. The grants will help workers to find careers and employers to develop training programs.

Grants awarded to K-12 and young-adult programs made up 55% of the workforce development grants to assist high school youth with career exploration and to assist post-secondary young adults with internships, job shadowing, apprenticeships, mentorships and certifications.

The trust also approved funding — 45% of the workforce total — to help adults revise their skills for opportunities available in the marketplace now. Some of the programs will assist immigrants, veterans and adults in the justice system.

Behavioral health

In addition to the workforce-development grants, the trust also awarded behavioral-health grants amounting to more than $775,000 to 10 nonprofit organizations, the trust said in a press statement. “The grants will serve four areas within behavioral health: direct intervention and prevention services, social emotional learning campaigns to increase mental health awareness, and continued education and training for specialists to deliver services,” the statement said. 

Nearly 55% of the Weld Trust’s behavioral-health grants will support families, adults, and youth through support groups, prevention programs, school interventions and telehealth in both crisis intervention and mental-wellness areas.

Social emotional learning grants comprised approximately 20% of the behavioral-health grants. These grants are geared toward school-aged children to help them thrive in school and community.

About 15% of the behavioral-health grants will go toward programs to address the stigma around behavioral health. 

Grants also will help address the shortage of mental-health specialists in the county. More than 10% of the behavioral-health grants will help individuals with credentialing to serve youth and diverse populations.  The Weld Trust has awarded more than $10.2 million in grants in its seven key funding areas. The list of the grant recipients for the workforce-development and behavioral-health grants can be found at

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