June 7, 2022

Blue Canyon Technologies supplies SpaceX mission with spacecraft

LAFAYETTE — Small-satellite manufacturer Blue Canyon Technologies LLC has supplied Agile Microsat and High-Assurance Communications System Satellites, or HACSSAT, aboard SpaceX’s Transporter-5 mission, which was launched last month. 

Blue Canyon provided Space Dynamics Laboratory with the bus electronics for two 3U [agile mirco sat] CubeSats, integrated the payloads, and completed environmental testing on both spacecraft, according to a company news release.

“BCT’s innovative technology and advanced capabilities are designed to meet each customer’s needs,” BCT president Jeff Schrader said in the release. “[Agile mircosat] is the first nanosatellite to enable long-duration low altitude flight, and HACSSAT is unique in that the laboratory can command the bus through the HACSSAT payload antenna.”

The Transporter-5 mission “is a follow-up mission by Utah State University Space Dynamics Laboratory with lessons learned from its NetSat mission, whose payload was an experimental networking radio and recently completed all of its program goals on-orbit,” the release said.

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