Energy, Utilities & Water  March 2, 2022

United Power announces director candidates

BRIGHTON — Five candidates will run for three positions on United Power Inc.’s board of directors. Elections for the Colorado electric cooperative run through April ahead of its annual meeting. 

The candidates for United Power’s east district are Steven “Steve” Douglas, Naptali A. Lucks and Elizabeth “Beth” A. Martin. Keith Alquist is running in the South District, and Ursula J. Morgan is running in the West District

United Power members will be able to vote with ballots sent out in March and must submit mail-in and electronic ballots by April 12. Balloting closes at the cooperative’s hybrid annual meeting at 6:30 p.m. April 13 at the Riverdale Regional Park & Fairgrounds or online.

United Power members can learn more about the candidates at the United Power website, or at forums throughout the district in late March.

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