Nonprofits  February 24, 2022

The Weld Trust awards $1.4M to help Weld County homeless population

GREELEY — The Weld Trust awarded $1.4 million in fourth-quarter grants to Weld County nonprofits for programs and projects focused on housing.

Grants included donations to Catholic Charities, United Way of Weld County and North Colorado Health Alliance, which provide case management for some of Weld County’s most vulnerable homeless population.

“Individuals experiencing acute and chronic illnesses who are homeless frequently cycle in and out of hospitals because they have no safe and stable home to afford them the opportunity to stabilize their lives and health,” according to a press release announcing the grants. “They may be dealing with conditions including cancer, cardiac issues, diseases of the extremities and skin, uncontrolled diabetes, traumatic brain injury, early dementia, and post-surgery recovery.”

Catholic Charities offers housing and services for medically compromised homeless Weld County residents through their Hospital to Housing program.

United Way of Weld County’s Housing Navigation Center helps people survive homelessness and connect back to housing. The program assists individuals with services and resources such as securing IDs, applying for benefits and public transportation, as well as obtaining food, clothing and hygiene items.

North Colorado Health Alliance focuses on housing for individuals who are referred to them while assessing their physical and mental-health needs. NCHA receives referrals from several area agencies, including Catholic Charities, United Way of Weld County, Banner Health, UCHealth and Sunrise Community Health.

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