Government & Politics  January 12, 2022

Pulse internet adds TV Everywhere service

LOVELAND — The city of Loveland’s new internet utility, which added television services in 2021, has now added what it is calling PulseTV Everywhere, which permits subscribers to access television programming outside of their homes.

TV services are one of three services available, with the others being telephone and internet connectivity over a fiber-optic network. The expansion of the TV services means that subscribers can watch programs while on the road and away from home using wireless or cellular connectivity on their mobile devices.

The expansion of the TV service is a free upgrade to all PulseTV packages, the utility said in a press statement.

Television services through Pulse are priced starting at $34.95. TV services are in addition to the internet and telephone rates. The basic rate for residential internet is $44.95, and gigabit service is $74.95. Optional phone services are priced at $24.95.

“Pulse is proud to offer this free new feature to PulseTV subscribers. PulseTV Everywhere allows our users to enjoy quality television content whenever they want, wherever they want. At home, or on the road — anywhere they’ve got connectivity, PulseTV subscribers can access a range of great content from many of their favorite networks,” Lindsey Johansen, communication and marketing manager for Pulse, said in a press statement.

Pulse has begun the third year of an anticipated four-year network buildout. The construction is nearing 50% of the network.

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