South Fort Collins Sanitation District completes $40M expansion

FORT COLLINS — The South Fort Collins Sanitation District has completed a $40 million expansion of its wastewater reclamation facility in south Fort Collins.  

According to a press statement, the expansion project, launched in 2017, will allow the district to serve additional customers and maintain wastewater treatment quality and service rates. 

“We’re pleased to have expanded our high-quality services in Northern Colorado,” Jim Ling, board president of  the district, said in a written statement. “Every drain from all 45,000 customers in our district leads to our facility and with the area  growing at such a fast rate, it’s important residents have state-of-the-art, eco-conscious services that meet their needs today and into the future. With this expansion, we’re able to meet rising demand while maintaining our dedication to around-the-clock wastewater management and low rates for all of our customers.” 

The facility treats wastewater from more than 400 miles of collection lines. The expansion was designed not only to meet growing demand but also to meet stricter regulations from state and federal regulators, the press statement said.

“Our team for this project was intentionally vetted and carefully selected,” said Chris Matkins, district manager. “We worked with each of our stakeholders to choose the best representatives from engineering, management, wastewater treatment plant staff, contractors and board representatives. It was also important to us that this remained cash-funded, ensuring customers would not incur debt from the project.” 

The project was funded using sale of taps and impact fees collected during property development in the district, meaning that new customers paid for the expansion, not current customers, Matkins said.

The expansion reduced treatment costs and gave the facility an additional hydraulic capacity of at least one and a half million gallons per day, bringing the facility’s total capacity to six million gallons per day.

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