Government & Politics  November 2, 2021

Election 2021: Most local transportation, infrastructure issues near passage

Updated at 10:08 p.m.:

Evans Ballot Issue 2B to allow the use of sales tax revenue for the construction of a new police station looks like it’s headed for a victory, with 64.33%, or 1,210, of votes for to 35.67%, or 671, against. 

In Greeley, Ballot Issue 2F to extend a sales tax through 2029 will pass overwhelmingly, 80.28% to 19.72%, with 11,911 votes for and 2,925 against.

Mead Ballot Issue 2D, the sales tax increase, looks to pass 54.24% to 45.76%, with 639 votes for and 539 against.

Updated at 8:46 p.m.:

Lafayette Ballot Issue 2B, which would fund public safety services, appears headed toward victory with 66.38% of voters approving and 33.62% voting against. The issue has 1,945 votes for and 985 against.

Louisville Ballot Issue 2A, the debt and tax increase for transportation improvements, is still lagging behind. It trails 62.36% to 37.64%, with 1,345 votes against and 812 in favor.

In Lyons, Referred Ballot Question 2G to build a solar and battery facility is ahead 66.40% to 33.60% with 166 votes for and 84 against.

Updated at 7:37 p.m.:

In Evans, the ballot issue to allow sales tax revenue to be used for construction of a new police station is ahead 63.93% to 36.07%, with 1,166 votes for and 658 against.
Greeley voters are favoring the ballot issue to extend a sales tax increase through 2029 80.46% to 19.54%, with 11,309 votes for and 2,747 against. 

In Mead, the proposed 1% sales tax increase is ahead 54.95% to 45.05%, with 522 votes for and 428 against.

Updated at 7:32 p.m.:

Lafayette is passing its ballot issue 67.12% to 32.88%, with 1,141 votes for and 559 against. 

In Louisville, the debt and tax increase is being defeated 61.61% to 38.39%, with 849 votes against and 529 for. 

Superior’s tax increase is also trailing, 63.13% to 36.97%, with 387 votes against and 226 for.

Lyons’ solar and battery facility is passing 72.73% to 27.27%, with only 8 votes for and just 3 against.

Northern Colorado and Boulder County voters in various communities will have the chance to vote on tax increases, tax extensions, debt raises and other issues related to transportation and infrastructure Tuesday evening.

The issues are:

  • Lafayette: Voters will decide whether to raise an additional 0.27% sales-and-use tax to fund public-safety services and equipment. 
  • Louisville: A ballot issue asks voters to decide on a $51.4 million increase to the city’s debt and a property-tax increase of 5.45 mills to fund transportation improvements.
  • Superior: Voters in the city will choose whether to have a two-year, phased sales-and-use-tax increase of 0.44% for transportation improvements. If approved, taxes would increase by 0.28% in 2022 and 0.16% in 2023.
  • Lyons: Local voters will be asked whether they want the town to build a solar-generation and battery-storage facility on one acre of Bohn Park. 
  • Evans: Voters will decide whether the city can use revenue from its current sales tax on domestic food to fund the costs of designing, constructing, equipping and maintaining a new city police station. No taxes would be increased, and no new taxes would be raised.
  • Greeley: Local voters will decide if the city’s voter-approved 0.65% sales-tax increase will be extended through 2029 to fund street-related infrastructure improvements and repairs.
  • Mead: Voters will decide on a 1% sales and use tax increase to pay for street improvements. 

BizWest will be covering these ballot measures and many others throughout the evening on Tuesday. Check back early and often for updates.

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