Reven tests anti-sepsis drug for treatment of COVID-19

WESTMINSTER — Reven Holdings Inc., a biosciences company developing potential treatments for cancer, viral illnesses and inflammatory disorders, completed this month the first phase of a two-part trial of the company’s anti-sepsis drug candidate RJX in the treatment of patients hospitalized with COVID-19.

As part of the trial, “12 hospitalized adult patients with symptomatic high-risk COVID-19 pneumonia and abnormally elevated inflammation markers in the blood were treated with daily intravenous infusions of RJX in combination with standard of care,” according to a Reven news release. “Nine of the 12 patients, including three patients with hypoxemic respiratory failure, showed rapid clinical recovery with normalization of the blood oxygen levels and abnormally elevated inflammation markers.”

In the release, Reven chief medical officer Fatih Uckun said, “Since RJX is a potent anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory agent that has been shown to reduce the tissue-level oxidative stress in multiple organs in animal models of septic shock, cytokine storm, and multiorgan failure, we are hopeful that it will contribute to prevention of progression of COVID-19 and its faster resolution in high-risk patients with viral sepsis.”

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