Commuting Solutions creates transportation demand management program for Superior

SUPERIOR — Superior and Commuting Solutions will launch a new transportation demand management program to bring people to and from the downtown area of Superior. Called  Downtown Superior Modes, it was designed to reduce vehicle trips in the community.

Commuting Solutions, a transportation advocacy nonprofit located in Louisville, has partnered  with Ranch Capital and the town of Superior to create the program. An estimated 17,000 people will be targeted by the program per year. It is intended to reduce 674,890 trips and more than 5 million vehicle miles of travel annually. 

“Downtown Superior Modes is such a great opportunity for Downtown Superior residents and  visitors to begin commuting sustainably,” Commuting Solutions Executive Director Audrey  DeBarros said in a press release. 

“Having a variety of transit and mobility options for Downtown Superior is key to providing for  convenient accessibility for our residents and visitors,” said Superior Mayor Clint Folsom. “The  town of Superior appreciates Commuting Solutions’ expertise in helping to develop forward  thinking options for our community.” 

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