Full results: Fort Collins Municipal Election 2021

FORT COLLINS — The following are preliminary results from Fort Collins’ municipal election that culminated Tuesday night. Winners are denoted in bold.

Mayor (incumbent Wade Troxell is term-limited)

Jeni Arndt 62.72%

Gerry Horak 25.17%

Molly Skold 12.11%

District 1

Susan Gutowksy (incumbent) 50.26%

Nick Armstrong 49.74%

District 3 (incumbent Ken Summers declined to run for second term)

Tricia Canonico 55.08%

Gavin Kaszynski 44.92%

District 4 (seat vacated by Kristin Stephens to assume seat on Larimer County Board of Commissioners)

Shirley Peel 30.22%

Melanie Potyondy (appointed incumbent) 29.82%

Jessica Dyrdahl 13.58%

Erin Hottenstein 21.59%

Sidna Rachid 4.8%

District 5 (incumbent Ross Cunniff is term-limited)

Kelly Ohlson 67.48%

Jeff Hansen 32.52%

City Charter Amendment 1 (Allows City Council to vote a member as mayor pro tem in case of a resignation or after the swearing in of new council members)

Yes 44.58%

No 55.42%

City Charter Amendment 2 (Repeals ban on political parties, city employees, public service corporations or other groups with interests in city policy from donating to City Council elections)

Yes 44.58%

No 55.42%

City Charter Amendment 3 (Allows the city to pay for expenditures using grants, donations and borrowing if not specifically earmarked for a purpose)

Yes 63.52%

No 36.48%

City Charter Amendment 4 (Extends the deadline for publication of annual audits of the city’s finances from five months after the end of the fiscal year to seven months)

Yes 58.45%

No 41.55%

City Charter Amendment 5 (Renames “Municipal Judge” to “Chief Judge” in the charter to conform with a 2017 title change for the judge presiding over the city’s municipal court)

Yes 85.92%

No 14.08%

Plastic Bag Initiative (Bans major grocers from offering plastic bags and requiring 12 cent fee for paper bags)

Yes 58.98%

No 41.02%

Hughes Stadium Initiative (Directs the city to make good-faith effort to buy Hughes Stadium land from CSU System and zone it as open space)

Yes 68.61%

No 31.39%