New weekly unemployment claims in Colorado fall to 10,989, federal benefits restart

DENVER — An additional 10,989 people filed for traditional unemployment benefits in the week ending Jan. 30, the Colorado Department of Labor and Employment said Thursday, a decline of 443 from the week prior.

A total of 70,150 state residents were on continuing benefits in the week of Jan. 23, a sharp decline of 15,155 from the week before.

No claims were made for federally funded Pandemic Unemployment Assistance, as that program temporarily lapsed in December. The state was approved to begin issuing that specific tranche of aid last week, and will restart reporting those claims next week.

Nationwide, the U.S. Labor Department said 965,000 Americans filed for first-time benefits in the period, an increase of 181,000 from the week prior and a further sign that skyrocketing COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations are holding back economic recovery.