Election: Broomfield voters appear supportive of marijuana sales tax

BROOMFIELD — Nearly 60% of Broomfield voters support a new recreational marijuana sales tax that could go into effect as early as February should the city opt to repeal its prohibition on pot sales, according to early results.

Broomfield voters will decide whether to allow a prohibition on retail marijuana stores to expire on Feb. 1, 2021, and whether to impose a 4% tax on retail marijuana sales. The tax measure would generate $2.2 million annually. The tax would be in addition to the city’s existing sales tax.

Voters also will decide whether to allow the city and county to annually adjust future mill levies for tax years 2022 and thereafter.

As of 10:07 p.m. Tuesday, 24,230 voters supported Question 2B, and nearly 16,453 opposed the measure. Turnout for Broomfield was more than 82% at that time.


Editor’s note: This story will be updated.


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