Boulder tea retailer launches canned beverage line

BOULDER — Ku Cha House of Tea, a tea retailer and importer with shops in Boulder, Denver and Fort Collins, recently launched a line of canned iced teas brewed with Japanese and Chinese whole-leaf teas.

“For years we have dreamed of bringing to market iced teas that reflect the stunning variety and quality of the world’s best teas,” Ku Cha co-founder Rong Pan said in a prepared statement. “To put it mildly, we have found iced teas disappointing in the extreme. Most are brewed from inferior tea, in many cases from factory tea that is not even suitable for stuffing into tea bags.”

Ku Cha’s canned varieties include Organic Sencha Green Tea, Jasmine Oolong Tea, Golden Monkey Black Tea and Summer Tranquility White Tea.

Currently, cans are available at Ku Cha locations, but the company plans to expand distribution to retailers across the Front Range.


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