Indigo Education falls short in pitch competition

NIWOT — Indigo Education Co., a Niwot-based company that helps people discover how they might be most successful in their careers, came up short in Tuesday night’s pitch competition with Chloe Capital.

The company was among five women-led organizations to compete for $250,000 in venture capital from Chloe Capital LLC and ECMC Foundation, which target companies founded and owned by women.

“Sheri is onto something hot,” said Kathryn Cartini, co-founder and partner of Chloe Capital. She said the company’s focus on preparing people for jobs, especially with so many unemployed now due to the COVID-19 pandemic, will be important.

“We hope that the spotlight we’ve put on them” will result in investment in her company, she said.

Cartini said that Tuesday’s virtual pitch competition — instead of the typical in-person events that her VC firm usually holds — resulted in 600 people logging in to view the pitches. “Almost half said they were investors,” she said.

Jamee Herbert, founder of BridgeCare of San Jose, California, won a $100,000 investment from Chloe. Claudi Recchi, co-founder of EdSights based in New York, received $150,000 from ECMC Foundation. In addition, Rezon8 Capital and Advisory Group LLC delivered a surprise bonus investment of $25,000 in Fiveable, a Milwaukee, Wisconsin, firm.


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