May 5, 2020

Who Knew?

Who knew Columbine Health Systems would be the first to have COVID-19 in a nursing home in Colorado?  Do I wish we had been second or even 35th?  No.  Being first afforded us a direct connection and support from the Colorado Department of Health and Environment and the CDC – on the 4th day after our first case.

We have learned together what this disease means to residents and staff in a nursing home and have worked together in the formulation of guidance and direction for protocols and action.  We continue to seek their support and are grateful.

We already had an amazing relationship with our Larimer County Department of Health and Environment, spanning many years.  We have become even closer as we work together to fight through COVID-19 – something we did not bring but are battling every day.  For those of us who care for the elderly, we know this battle may last many more months.  We will need their ongoing assistance and advice as we continue to work together on behalf of our residents and staff.

Our staff are the true stars in all of this.  They come to work with commitment and dedication to provide the best care they can to all residents.  While COVID-19 positive residents are receiving our utmost attention, many other resident’s needs are being met as well.  Helping residents who must stay in their rooms, eat in their rooms, and joining small activity events – 6 feet apart with a mask on – and return to their room, without family visits except by phone or iPad – is a new kind of care for us.  Our staff are going above and beyond to meet everyone’s needs.

We thank our residents and families for their faith and trust in our care.

Caring for our community Matters!

Yvonne Meyers

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