Virus Diary: Madwire sees virus impacts among small-business clientele

Editor’s note: BizWest today begins Virus Diary, a recurring feature that will include vignettes describing how the novel coronavirus affects small businesses in the region.

FORT COLLINS — Madwire LLC, the Fort Collins-based digital marketing agency with about 650 employees and about $102.5 million in revenue, doesn’t qualify as a small business, but it does business with small companies in numerous categories across the nation. 

It’s seeing impacts from the spread of the COVID-19 virus, though not always negative.

“It’s having definite effects, but it affects verticals differently,” said CEO and co-founder J.B. Kellogg. 

“Companies into gun sales or cleaning or delivery are seeing growth. Companies that are gathering places are obviously seeing a downturn, especially in San Francisco and New York,” he said.

Madwire is witnessing pockets of the country where cities are doing OK, and others that are harder hit.

“We’re maintaining because we’re diversified [geographically and by industry],” he said. About 13 percent of Madwire’s clients are in Colorado.

“This is definitely an issue for small business, and the government ought to be supporting small business because that’s the backbone of the economy,” he said.

Madwire is advising its clients to market digitally, “because people are at home and online.” Madwire also tells its clients that they need to innovate their services and consider ways they can offer services remotely or offer through delivery. “With struggle comes innovation,” he said.


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