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Patagonia sustainability expert to appear at Net Zero Cities

LOVELAND — Businesses across Northern Colorado and the Boulder Valley have come to realize that they can be part of the solution to climate change, and several of them will discuss how during a panel discussion at the Net Zero Cities event on March 5.

Among the participants on the “Climate change, business & industry” panel will be Mark Stevens, environmental coordinator for the central district of Patagonia Inc., the outdoor-gear manufacturer that has made environmental activism central to its operation.

Stevens’ role includes grantmaking, advocacy, community outreach, employee activism, and working with retail staff to implement companywide environmental campaigns and initiatives. Prior to his current role, he spent 20 years in Washington, D.C., campaigning on issues from chemical regulation to ocean wildlife conservation.


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Patagonia has set the bar for corporate responsibility and sustainability. Its mission statement says, “We donate our time, services and at least 1 percent of our sales to help hundreds of grassroots organizations all over the world so that they can remain vigilant and protect what’s irreplaceable…As the loss of biodiversity, arable soils, coral reefs and fresh water all accelerate, we are doing our best to address the causes, and not just symptoms, of global warming.”

Other sessions at the BizWest-sponsored Net Zero Cities will be:

  • The circular economy — recycling and reuse of products and materials.
  • Electrifying mobility — the movement toward vehicles powered by renewable energy.
  • The growing urgency of climate change — facts and figures about the nature of the problem the world faces.
  • Building smart — techniques to build sustainable structures.
  • Reliability in a net-zero world — how to assure that utilities can provide energy when wind or solar conditions limit production.

Net Zero Cities will be at the Ranch in Loveland, 5280 Arena Circle. It runs from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. on March 5. Gov. Jared Polis also will speak at the event.

Admission at the early bird price is $69.49 through Friday but goes to the general admission price of $79.49 on Saturday, Feb. 22. 

Tickets are available here.


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