Vestas sets zero-waste production goal

WINDSOR and BRIGHTON — Vestas Wind Systems A/S, the Danish wind-energy company, will work toward production of zero-waste wind turbines by 2040.

The company set the target date for zero-waste production last week. The goal will mean changes at both the Windsor blade-production facility and the Brighton nacelle plant.

“Establishing such an ambitious goal for waste reduction is paramount to ensuring a better world for future generations,” Vestas executive vice president Anders Vedel said in a written statement. “Leading the wind industry is not enough to combat the global challenges we face today. If we are to spearhead the energy transition, we must be an example for doing so in the most sustainable way, and this involves making sustainability part of everything we do”.

First step will be a focus on improving the recyclability of all wind-turbine blades, the company said.