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One of the most predictable conversations had when sitting down with our clients, partners and neighbors, is how to combat the recurring challenges impacting our workforce.

  1. How do we attract and retain talent with a limited amount of affordable housing?
  2. How do we develop and provide training to individuals within our community to fill the specific needs of local businesses?
  3. How do we provide sustainable, affordable and practical transportation into Boulder?

 As advocates for the Boulder business community and beyond, it was easy for us to get behind the Boulder Chamber’s home-grown initiative, otherwise known as, Boulder Together.

Boulder Together is a strategic multi-year initiative designed to address three areas of economic and community need:

  • Workforce Housing
  • Workforce Development
  • Workforce Mobility

Local business leaders pledged the support and investment in collaboration with community partners to achieve the goals in each of these strategic focus areas.

Boulder Together is this generation’s call to action. It’s the culmination of the Boulder community’s input and ideas, resulting in specific initiatives designed to help meet the community’s talent access needs, both in the short and long term.

Berg Hill Greenleaf Ruscitti, LLP is so proud to partner with the Boulder Chamber and all the business leaders in the Boulder community to implement workforce development programs targeted to the needs of our local businesses, expand housing options for the full diversity of Boulder’s workforce and improve our transportation system and workforce mobility.

Here is a preview of the challenges recognized by the Boulder Chamber:

Workforce Housing

 The lack of affordable and accessible housing for low, moderate and middle-income households is identified as the most problematic issue among Boulder County employers, business owners and community members.

The lack of housing options forces employees to commute long distances and some job seekers to reject or ignore employment opportunities in our community.

Workforce Housing Goals

Workforce Development

There is a gap between the number of jobs available in Boulder and the workforce available to fill those positions across all industries and skill levels.

One of the biggest contributing factors to the overall challenge is the lack of training specific to the needs of local businesses.

Trends indicate this gap will only grow in the next few years, especially as workplace environments continue to evolve and more jobs require higher levels of technological literacy and professional competencies.

Workforce Development Goals

Workforce Mobility

 As a result of a transportation network that has failed to meet the needs of regional growth, our roadways experience severe traffic congestion from the 250,000 vehicles – including 50,000  daily work commuters – traveling through Boulder every single day.

Aside from the detriment to the environment and the quality of life, continued traffic congestion threatens to make Boulder isolated and inaccessible to our workforce.

Workforce Mobility Goals

Join is in supporting a brighter, Boulder future.