Election 2019: Loveland voters appeared opposed to marijuana measures

LOVELAND — Loveland voters were not in the mood to expand potential use of marijuana in the city. Results posted Tuesday night had both ballot issues failing.

Loveland voters faced two marijuana-related ballot items, one that would authorize the city council to permit retail sale of marijuana within city limits and the other that would permit the council to tax retail sales of marijuana at up to 15 percent, on top of the standard retail sales tax of 3 percent.

Issue 2C would set a maximum sales tax rate for marijuana sales, but the council would not need to impose all of it if it chose not to. Results posted by 11:20 p.m. had 2C failing — 10,540 against the tax to 9,925 for the tax.

Issue 2D would give community members the opportunity to tell the council whether it should permit retail sales of marijuana in the city. That was failing 11,261 against to 9,891 for.