Election 2019: Loveland voters appear to reject sales-tax issues

LOVELAND — Voters were issuing a resounding “no” in election results posted by 11:20 p.m. Tuesday night on two sales tax measures that were intended to support infrastructure and amenities in the Loveland community.

The Loveland City Council asked voters in two tax measures, 2A and 2B, whether to add additional sales taxes to support either community infrastructure projects such as streets and fire stations, or community recreational projects.

Issue 2A would increase the sales tax by rate 0.03 percent and collect an estimated $6.3 million in its first year. The money would be designated for widening of major streets such as Eisenhower Boulevard and Taft Avenue, replacement and renovation of fire stations, construction of pedestrian and bicycle underpasses, building a new branch library and renovating and expanding the museum.

Issue 2B would increase the sales-tax rate by 0.02 percent and collect an estimated $4.2 million in its first year, with the money to be used to build a recreational and senior center to be located in northwest Loveland.

Issue 2A was losing as of 11:20 p.m. with 11,179 votes against and 10,011 votes in favor. Issue 2B was losing by a larger margin, 13,284 votes against and 7,752in favor.