Election 2019: Boulderites support new vaping tax

BOULDER — A ballot measure that would increase taxes on electronic cigarettes and vaping products sold in Boulder appears destined to pass.

More than 80 percent of voters favored the city’s Ballot Issue 2G as of 1:20 p.m., when 100,250 of the anticipated 104,000 Boulder County votes had been counted.

This measure imposes a 40 percent sales tax on vaping products. Revenues generated by the tax would help fund a licensing program for nicotine retailers, vaping education and enforcement. 

Vaping, which has become an increasingly worrisome issue for parents of teenagers, has faced quite a bit of scrutiny in Boulder over the past few months.

The Boulder City Council chose in August to ban flavored vaping products and put the new 40 percent to city residents for a vote. 

The flavored product ban was criticized by local vape-shop owners who argued that the restrictions would put them out of business. The new tax was much less controversial.