Government & Politics  October 29, 2019

ColdQuanta lands additional $2.8M in defense grants

BOULDER  — A consortium of American defense agencies is giving ColdQuanta Inc. $2.8 million in grants and contracts to develop its cold-atom sensor systems.

The company announced Tuesday that it had received the funds from grants with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, or DARPA, and with NASA. It also signed two contracts with a U.S. military branch worth $1.4 million.

ColdQuanta uses lasers to drop atoms to near-absolute zero temperatures. Those frozen atoms are useful for measuring physical forces such as gravity or the movement of time, and are the basis for quantum computing research.

The grants come weeks after ColdQuanta was awarded $1 million by NASA for developing smaller versions of their atomic sensors for research use. This grant puts the company above $30 million in research and development funding over its lifetime.

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